SINCE 1964

Indelta, S.L. is a company of family origin that, since its creation in 1964, as a tooling shop for plastics, we have gone through the manufacture of plastic articles and since 1977 dedicated fully to the manufacture of mattresses, upholstery for childcare furniture and early childhood Today we have a specialized staff and the most advanced machinery.

Quality, with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, we have developed a strategy to offer a wide range of products guaranteed by the high quality of the materials used.

Technology, & nbsp; we have the latest technology to achieve any type of finish.

The experience accumulated all these years has allowed us to adapt the company to the needs, tastes and preferences of customers.

In Indelta, S.L. Our experience allows us today to face and satisfy very diverse requirements, always providing the right answer for any type of requirement. Our business policy & nbsp; aims to achieve full customer satisfaction. For this, the company offers above all quality